Acupressure and Energy Healing

Acupressure is a healing modality that uses touch on the acupuncture points instead of inserting needles. There are many different styles of acupressure out there – from a deep pressure that is almost like massage, to a very gentle pressure that seeks to connect to the energy of the body rather than physically influence the body.

The Chinese medical theory is that energy, or Qi, flows in the body through channels or meridians. Acupoints are areas where this energy comes very close to the surface of the body, and where the electrical resistance of the skin is lower. The acupoints are a window to the electromagnetic energy of the body, and also to various nervous system responses. The acupressure style that I work with, developed by Soul Lightening International, involves very gentle finger pressure on two acupoints at once. This creates a circuit, much like an electrical circuit, between the client’s body and my own body. This circuit allows the energy to flow again, and helps the body to heal. This style of acupressure allows for as deep a relaxation as acupuncture does, and similarly opens up the acupuncture meridians, although it can be a more contemplative and involved process than resting with needles.

Sometimes, sensations, memories or images come to the client as they are being treated – it is helpful to explore such things, either silently on your own, or we can talk through them as the treatment is progressing. I might suggest a question or problem to focus on, and you may find that a solution naturally comes to your mind as you are relaxing. Other times, images can appear to your mind, which can help you tune in to what your body is trying to tell you with its current symptoms and issues. 

I have studied various other energy healing and gentle touch modalities, such as Reiki and Craniosacral Therapy that I weave into an acupressure session.